Marquee Matchup between Patriots and Steelers set to be game of the season

By: Jordan Kneen

Is Tom Brady done? Are the Patriots good anymore? They certainly aren’t the best in the AFC. Will the Patriots ever convert a third down again? Is this Belichick and Brady’s last season? Are the Jaguars better than that New England? How can the Patriots defense ever contain the “Killer Bs?”

Well that was fun. It’s one of the national media’s favorite weeks. They finally got the opportunity to talk about someone other than the Patriots as Super Bowl contenders. They got to ask ridiculous questions because the Patriots couldn’t defeat the lowly Dolphins of Miami.

Don’t kid yourself though. They know the drill. They know what they are doing and how foolish they will look afterwards. Unfortunately, it’s too juicy of a topic for them to avoid. They are drawn in so easily to the narrative they desperately want to be true.

The truth is that the Patriots are still the Patriots: perennial champions of the AFC East, certain AFC Title game participants and likely Super Bowl champions.

That game in Miami was cute, but this week it is time to return to the NFL’s normal because the reality is that it meant nothing. Sure the Dolphins had fun, the media ate it up and the Patriots were undoubtably ridiculed by Belichick for a poor performance. But there is a reason that the Patriots are the Patriots and the rest of the league is not.

Those types of games mean nothing to this team. They play them out of necessity. Perhaps just to make the Dolphins and their fan base feel validated. In the long run, there was only one game that mattered. This one.

Today the Patriots head to Pittsburg in what could be the game of the season. Everything comes down to this. The Steelers look to be the only team that can compete with the Patriots for the AFC and everyone is eating it up. They don’t just want the Steelers to win, they need it to happen. They need the Steelers to get the #1 seed, to unseat the Patriots from their thrown atop the conference and break this dynasty.

The reality: The Steelers have never been worthy opponents. They have won twice against Brady and the Patriots in the Big Ben era. The truth is that the Steelers can have all of the shiny offensive weapons that they want. It doesn’t matter. At 4:25 EST, the Patriots will roll into Heinz Field and take what is rightfully theirs and the Steelers can’t do anything about it.

Their defense is  garbage. Especially without Shazier (still no update on his injury). They couldn’t even stop one hit wonder Joe Flacco from putting up 38 points in Pittsburg last week. Brady lives to play this zone defense. This is a “hold my beer while I pad my stats” type of game for Brady and unless the Steelers decide to do something different, it will just be more of the same.

Unfortunately, for the everyone outside of Patriots nation, this isn’t a new script, it’s just a rewrite of the old one. The one where the Patriots expose and humiliate the overrated Mike Tomlin. I could give you facts and figures to back up my argument, but in the end we all know what I am saying is true. This one is over before it has even started because this week the Patriots are writing this story, and there is nothing anyone else can do about it.

Feature Photo By Jeffrey BeallOwn work, CC BY 4.0, Link


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