The Steelers vomit all over themselves as Patriots win 27-24

By: Jordan Kneen

Tomlin is not Belichick. Rothlisberger is not Brady. Jesse James is not Gronkowski and the Steelers are not the Patriots. Once again the Steelers reminded us why the Patriots are the Patriots and everyone else is not.

They are prepared. Game winning drives, incomplete passes in the end zone, fake spikes, you name it, they’re ready. The Steelers and the rest of the NFL are not.

This isn’t about whether it was or wasn’t a catch (which, by rule it wasn’t), this is about be prepared for the moment. The Seahawks weren’t in the Super Bowl and the Steelers weren’t Sunday night.

Brady and company were ready to drive the length of the field, score and convert a 2-point conversion.

Butler was prepared to run the length of the field to tackle Juju Smith-Schuster and save a touchdown.

The Patriots were prepared for what would happen in the event that James did not have possession on the potential touchdown and last but not least, they were ready for Rothlisberger’s throw as the clock wound down.

By contrast, like the rest of the league, the Steelers puked all over themselves when the moment got too big for them.

They had no answer for Gronkowski who had 3-catches for 69 yards on the final Patriots drive.

Sean Davis, a Pittsburg defensive back, was then humiliated by Gronkowski on the 2-point conversion.

The entire drive was an indictment on Head Coach Mike Tomlin and his coaching staff. I understand that Gronkowski may be the best tight end to ever play, but they did nothing to attempt to stop him. It seemed as though everyone knew where the ball was going, except Tomlin.

With less than a minute to go, they caught a break after Smith-Shuster broke a big play to get them into the red zone and field goal range to tie or take the lead.

Once again, the Steelers were not prepared. As the clock wound down, Rothlisberger and the coaching staff did not know what to do. The quarterback claimed that he wanted to spike it but calls came in from the sideline to run a play. As a result, half of the team didn’t know what was going on and watched as the Patriots intercepted Rothlisberger’s ill-advised throw.

It was utter chaos. The Steelers couldn’t cope and the Patriots could. The difference in the game was that the Patriots have been there before. They know how to execute at the end of games and the Steelers don’t. The Patriots win these games before they even begin. They are prepared for everything and expect nothing. This game was won because of coaching and Mike Tomlin isn’t a good coach.

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Marquee Matchup between Patriots and Steelers set to be game of the season

By: Jordan Kneen

Is Tom Brady done? Are the Patriots good anymore? They certainly aren’t the best in the AFC. Will the Patriots ever convert a third down again? Is this Belichick and Brady’s last season? Are the Jaguars better than that New England? How can the Patriots defense ever contain the “Killer Bs?”

Well that was fun. It’s one of the national media’s favorite weeks. They finally got the opportunity to talk about someone other than the Patriots as Super Bowl contenders. They got to ask ridiculous questions because the Patriots couldn’t defeat the lowly Dolphins of Miami.

Don’t kid yourself though. They know the drill. They know what they are doing and how foolish they will look afterwards. Unfortunately, it’s too juicy of a topic for them to avoid. They are drawn in so easily to the narrative they desperately want to be true.

The truth is that the Patriots are still the Patriots: perennial champions of the AFC East, certain AFC Title game participants and likely Super Bowl champions.

That game in Miami was cute, but this week it is time to return to the NFL’s normal because the reality is that it meant nothing. Sure the Dolphins had fun, the media ate it up and the Patriots were undoubtably ridiculed by Belichick for a poor performance. But there is a reason that the Patriots are the Patriots and the rest of the league is not.

Those types of games mean nothing to this team. They play them out of necessity. Perhaps just to make the Dolphins and their fan base feel validated. In the long run, there was only one game that mattered. This one.

Today the Patriots head to Pittsburg in what could be the game of the season. Everything comes down to this. The Steelers look to be the only team that can compete with the Patriots for the AFC and everyone is eating it up. They don’t just want the Steelers to win, they need it to happen. They need the Steelers to get the #1 seed, to unseat the Patriots from their thrown atop the conference and break this dynasty.

The reality: The Steelers have never been worthy opponents. They have won twice against Brady and the Patriots in the Big Ben era. The truth is that the Steelers can have all of the shiny offensive weapons that they want. It doesn’t matter. At 4:25 EST, the Patriots will roll into Heinz Field and take what is rightfully theirs and the Steelers can’t do anything about it.

Their defense is  garbage. Especially without Shazier (still no update on his injury). They couldn’t even stop one hit wonder Joe Flacco from putting up 38 points in Pittsburg last week. Brady lives to play this zone defense. This is a “hold my beer while I pad my stats” type of game for Brady and unless the Steelers decide to do something different, it will just be more of the same.

Unfortunately, for the everyone outside of Patriots nation, this isn’t a new script, it’s just a rewrite of the old one. The one where the Patriots expose and humiliate the overrated Mike Tomlin. I could give you facts and figures to back up my argument, but in the end we all know what I am saying is true. This one is over before it has even started because this week the Patriots are writing this story, and there is nothing anyone else can do about it.

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Bruins pull out OT winner, despite not playing their best hockey

By: Jordan Kneen

For large parts of Wednesday nights win, it looked as though it just wasn’t the Bruins night, but all of that turned around with 1:26 to go in the third period.

With the goalie having been pulled a minute earlier, the Bruins set up shop in their offensive zone, looking to get pucks on net. With 1:31 remaining in regulation and the Bruins trailing 2-1. Torrey Krug circled with the puck near the blue line. He dumped it off to Brad Marchand who spotted David Pastrnak waltzing in towards the back post. A quick pass was all it took and Pastrnak buried it and sent the game to overtime.

The goal was redemption for Pastrnak who gave up a shorthanded goal earlier in the period to Dylan Larkin when he pinched up in an attempt to keep the puck in the zone. He was unsuccessful and Larkin converted his one-on-one chance against Tukka Risk and took a 2-1 lead.

From the moment the Bruins pulled their goalie however, all was forgotten. Pastrnak knotted it up 2-2, and the two teams headed to overtime.

It didn’t take long for the Bruins to strike. 30 seconds into the period the Red Wings turned over the puck. Marchand got the puck out to Krug and created a 2-on-1 opportunity. As Krug skated towards the offensive zone he did a great job of angling towards the boards to create separation for Marchand skating beside him. Krug flipped the puck over to Marchand who calmly went around the Detroit goalie and put the puck in the net.

After collecting the two points in Detroit, the Bruins now sit in third place in the Atlantic Division with 34 points in 28 games played. They have also developed a nice four point cushion on Montreal and still have 3 games in hand over the Canadians. The Bruins will play the Washington Capitals tonight at the TD Garden.

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For the Celtics, defense an afterthought in win over Nuggets

By: Jordan Kneen

The Nuggets started 6/6 from the field on Wednesday night and put up 31 points against a pathetic Celtics defense in the first quarter.

That wouldn’t be enough to bury the Celtics offense though, which exploded for 124 points at the TD Garden. On a night when Al Horford and Marcus Morris did not play, the Celtics managed to shoot 59.5% from the field and four of the five starters (Brown, Tatum, Irving and Baynes) shot over 60%.


The Celtics will be happy to get out with a win but, the offensive barrage masked the real issues on the night. Defense and Rebounding.

The team struggled all night on the boards. Denver out rebounded the Celtics 48-30. Twenty of those rebounds were on the offensive glass. Horford may have been out, but the Celtics were oddly reminiscent of last years team which also struggled to rebound the basketball. Sure this was one night and the Celtics have been better on the glass this year, but they need to be careful that this doesn’t become a habit in the same way that their declining defense has.

Giving up 118 points last night is definitely not going to help their defensive metrics. The Celtics struggled all night with dribble handoffs and pick-and-rolls. In the video below, Theis and Brown were shredded on defense by Gary Harris in a simple pick-and-roll play, a staple in most NBA offenses.

Horford and Morris could have helped in that area however poor defensive nights like this one have started to become staples of this young Celtics season. Early on during the 16-game win streak, the Celtics prided themselves on playing lock down defense to keep them in games. They would fall down, lock in defensively and wait for the likes of Irving and company to heat up on the offensive end. Now this team is trying to operate like Houston Rockets.

In other words, their offense is their best defense. Although right now, it seems as though it is their only form of defense. They needed every little bit of their 124 points last night to beat a banged up Nuggets team missing both Paul Millsap and Nikola Jokic.

Maybe that’s okay though. After all, the Rockets do have the highest win percentage in the league (.846) and have only lost 4 times this year. They are also currently repping one of the greatest offensive seasons ever.

You can bet that Stevens and the Celtics will not be thinking like this though. It’s December. Good teams have nights like this, nights when nothing goes right defensively. At some point, they’ll turn this thing around.

Feature Photo By Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA – Jaylen Brown, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Dave Dombrowski and the Red Sox seem comfortable standing still

By: Jordan Kneen

As the New York Yankees continue to build their way towards becoming the most dominant team baseball has ever seen, Dave Dombrowski and the Boston Red Sox seem content to sit and watch from the sidelines.

It has been 2 months since the Red Sox kissed their 2017 season goodbye and the team looks virtually the same as it did then. That is if you don’t count the addition of Samuel Adams as their official beer sponsor.

Perhaps Red Sox Nation should consider the dumping of Budweiser as an upgrade over dumping everyone’s least favorite panda, Pablo Sandoval during the season, but somehow I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

This is Boston, and it’s not the Boston of old. This is the city of champions, where simply contending and making the playoffs is not sufficient (unless you’re the Bruins of course). Yet Dombrowski and the Red Sox seem to have forgotten that.

Some will say that it’s too early to overreact. They will claim that there is a long way to go. “The roster will look different when pitchers and catchers report. Just wait for ‘Dealing Davey Dombrowski’ to work his magic,” they will say.

While they are probably right, the problem is, Dombrowski isn’t working his magic. According to Chris Mason, he admitted that no deal has been extended to free agents and went even further to say that he has yet to meet with any free agents personally.

Furthermore, today it came out that the Blue Jays and Yankees are attempting to secure the services of Eduardo Núñez who the Red Sox should already have resigned.

What is going on here! I’m not going to say that they aren’t trying, but it sure feels that way. Most teams in baseball make a point of improving the roster in the offseason but clearly the Red Sox aren’t one of them. What’s worse? They are willing to let their fans know that.

Red Sox fans had to watch the Yankees role out the home run monster Giancarlo Stanton and Dombrowski has the balls to tell them that they haven’t done anything. A little advice for Dombrowski if I may, keep your mouth shut.

It’s time to keep your head down until you have something to show for your work. Your fans don’t want to hear about how you have been doing your job in an underwhelming fashion. You can talk when you’ve done something. Until then, lock it up.


Feature Photo By Arturo Pardavila III from Hoboken, NJ, USA [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons